Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Once more with feeling!

I'm an expert at blogging! I have started several, but forget the passwords, lose track of time and pouf, they vanish into cyberspace, never to be seen again! So here we go again......

My business registration arrived today: Spinning Down Under, to match my domain name, my ebay store, and now this blog, so I am making a blind leap of faith into the unknown.

Why start up a small business at all when the world as we know it is collapsing around our ears?
Well why not? I've been selling on Ebay in my niche market for several years now, so this is the next logical step, and if the world really is collapsing around our ears, I have a feeling that spinners and fabric makers may just be in great demand as humanity tries to recycle its way into a brave new world of climate change and resource shortages and carbon neutrality.
I make and sell drop spindles; recycling new and often useless items of little value into far more useful tools that bring great pleasure and satisfaction to the user and tap into the creative urge that we all possess. Some people use the term reconstructing rather than recycling, perhaps because its new items being used for a different purpose, but either way, its a fact that small wheels make good reliable spindles that are ideal for learning on, taking travelling and using at demonstrations, and will not reduce you to tears if it gets lost or stolen. and I'd be right in assuming that these days theres not much else available that can give so much satisfaction for such a tiny cost. And helps, in a tiny way, to reduce the amount of rubbish in land-fill.
I also sell spinning fibres, recycled silks and reconstructed banana leaves and, all pretenciousness aside, I aim to stock recycled and designer yarns as well, once I sort out exactly how to work this blog, which neatly brings me back to my opening statement.
dear reader, and I promise to do my best to update this blog on at least a monthly basis, and even write down my password not in a safe place so that this time I do not lose it.

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